Are you ready to level up?

The NEXT american dream sales and marketing apprenticeship

Welcome! If you’re serious about leveling up, you’re going to need a plan. The NEXT American Dream Marketing and Sales Apprenticeship is an opportunity to learn a different approach to sales and marketing, define your purpose, and have an awesome working experience all the while.

If you are interested in a workplace culture that puts your growth first, if you’re interested in working as a member of a tight-knit team, and if you’re interested in a challenging mission, The NEXT American Dream Apprenticeship is for you.


See what our CEO, Toby LaVigne has to say about finding the right job for you:

About the opportunity

Are you looking to level yourself up?

I want to welcome you to The NEXT American Dream Sales and Marketing Leadership Apprentice Program. This is the training ground for Heroes in the New Economy.

This position will ask you to bring to the table every morning:

  • High Energy
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Discipline

In return, you get:

  • Mentorship
  • Insight
  • And an amazing work experience

We know lots of companies say they’ve got a great culture, everyone loves their jobs and basically hangs-out, plays pingpong all day and is guaranteed to become the next Steve Jobs . You’ve probably developed a pretty strong BS filter at this point, and for good reason.

The hardest thing with any job post, is explaining how we’re different from all the rest. So, we’re assuming you know you want a different type of job, and we ask you read on, dig a little deeper and see if this is a fit for you.

Our entire company culture is founded in one main concept:

Redefine success and achieve a new type of prosperity through gaining control of YOUR TIME and building YOUR TRIBE

This pursuit is called “The NEXT American Dream” and it’s a very different, and tall, ambition.

We dedicate real time, energy and resources toward helping you build your skills and your own personal brand. Joining our team is not only a commitment toward leveling yourself up, it is also the first step in defining the path for your future success

This is not a short term way to collect a paycheck.

So what exactly is this job all about?

We are a 40 something manufacturing company (Lgi) with a start up culture. We seek eager entry level professionals to join our Marketing and Sales Leadership Apprentice Program.

The job is about building relationships with new and existing customers where you’ll find new, more and better ways to serve them. Traditionally, you would hear this work referred to as marketing, sales and customer service.

But this opportunity is more than that.

As a member of our team you will ACTUALLY be a part of redesigning our marketing and sales approach, materials, and process. YOU will not only learn to be a better marketing and sales professional, and you will also learn to lead.

If you’re looking to be treated as a cog, then this is not the place for you.

If you are looking for a fun place to truly grow while feeling great about what you do, then this may well be your launching pad.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing marketing and sales processes
  • Creating required material and resources for sales and marketing
  • Contacting new and existing customers
  • Delivering presentations to customers
  • Developing relationships with customers, finding and acting on opportunities to grow business
  • Handling customer orders

It’s a very entrepreneurial position. Creative thinking, initiative, self motivation and the ability to handle shifting duties is required. You will be given wide exposure to various parts of the business and you will need to thrive in challenging, fast-paced and uncertain business environments.

Answer these questions:

  • Can you think outside the box?
  • Do you like to devise and implement solutions?
  • Are you willing to do the work to implement those solutions?

This position offers you the opportunity to do all this and more. Plus, you will receive regular coaching and mentorship while also working closely with the CEO.

You may be wondering “Is this job for Lgi or for The Next American Dream?”

The job is for Lgi. The NEXT American Dream is our philosophy. As we are rebranding Lgi, we (and you) will be integrating The Next American Dream brand into the current Lgi brand.

Salary and benefits

  • Salary for this position will be between $35,000 and $40,000
  • Regence medical/dental (PPO)
  •  Optional, corporate discount rate vision through VSP
  •  Flexible Spending Plan, a Health Reimbursement Account (not an HSA)
  •  401k
  •  Management approved tuition reimbursement for select courses aligned with Lgi roles

Are we right for you?

  • Are you looking for a way to properly leverage your passion and discipline?
  •  Are you hungry to learn and accomplish as a member of a high-performance team?
  • Do you have marketing or sales experience? It’s not required because you’ll learn a lot here, but if you have it, bring it.
  • Do you want to be a part of a start-up culture? Even though this mission is inside of an 40-year-old company, this position is a very entrepreneurial adventure with a blank canvas.
  • Do you want to create your own gig some day? Come learn what it takes here and accelerate your learning curve on someone else’s dime.
  • Are you thinking of getting your MBA? I would give a lot for time machine to NOT have wasted the time and money I did on advanced business education. Join this program and get paid to learn what MBA’s don’t teach.

We at Lgi live and work by the philosophy of The Next American Dream. The NEXT American Dream is fundamentally about re-defining success and the means of achieving it. If the idea of The NEXT American Dream resonates strongly with you, there's a good chance we might fit. To get a better sense of The NEXT American Dream, check out:

Are you right for us?

  • No particular experience or degrees are necessary to earn a position on this team.  
  • What matters to us is ambition, reliability, coachability, and ability to work with others.
  • If you already have some specific marketing or sales experience or skills, that’s great too.

application process

1. Apply

If you’ve already applied and received an email, great! Move on to the next step.

You can apply at or email your resume to

Open period for applications ends March 16th

2. Have your Reverse Interview

Right now, you’re probably looking at a number of positions at a number of companies. You may be staring at all our job pages and your asking yourself “where the hell do I want to spend the next 3-5 years of my life?”

Well that's a REALLY important question.

We understand. 

That’s why the 2nd step in our application process is to have what we call a “Reverse Interview.” Before we ask you to prove you’re fit for this position, we want to give you a chance to decide if this position is good enough to be the reason you get out of bed 5 days a week.

3. Go through our challenges

Once you feel confident that this is a place you’d like to spend your days at, we’re going to ask you to return the favor. 

So, after the Reverse Interview process, we’re going to take you through a number of challenges.

It will be rigorous and you’re going to be asked to do a lot to prove you’re right for the team. This is because we ONLY accept the best. Mediocre does not fly with us and being the best means sticking with it especially before you’ve gotten any certainty.

If you get through, you’ll have the opportunity to make huge impact, work with awesome people and supercharge your career.

4. Attend our weekend long Tryouts!

This will be a weekend long, tryout event that replaces the standard series of interviews. The value of this event, whether you make the team or not is priceless.

If you want to join our team, please block off your calendar for these dates including early AM and the evenings. Plan on devoting your entire weekend to this process. We'll make it fun and worth it, but you have to show up rested and ready to go.

The Tryouts will be held April 13th-15th. Fair warning, this date could change, we'll keep you posted if it does and we'll do all we can to keep it.

See what some of our current team members have to say about the company and our approach HERE.