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Toby LaVigne isn’t making small talk when he says it’s time to redefine success and the means of achieving it.  He's been experimenting as an entrepreneur, as a CEO, and as a homeschooling parent for decades.

Toby loves God, America, and everyone in it. He's committed to seeing our great country rediscover how to be great again by combining the best of our pioneer roots with the best of modern technology.

Toby has a unique perspective on what’s going on and how to navigate these times of incredible change and anxiety with dignity and pride, and he's eager to share his secrets with fellow entrepreneurial patriots that he calls HEROpreneurs.

Toby lives in the pacific northwest.  When Toby isn’t being CEO of Clean Mark Labels or homeschooling with his wife and daughters, he likes to spend as much time outdoors with his family as possible; scouting, hunting, and shooting.

Toby is a passionate advocate of hunting conservation and the shooting sports.  He and his family actively support these fine organizations;