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A new vision for american success

Something tells us that at another time in history you would have risked it all to declare independence from tyranny, thrown some tea in the harbor, and taken up arms against Red Coats. 

You’re fed up with victimhood, entitlement, thin skin, and the growing oppression of those who expect the next era of prosperity to be figured out for them. You’re not looking for a silver bullet, a handout or a liberal 'new deal' that trades liberty for the illusion of security.

You don’t have to be an internet genius to prosper in America’s next chapter, but you must have courage, thick skin, and faith in God.

There IS a way to make american life great again and we're looking for adults and their children with the mindset to do it.











The NEXT American Dream is an idea whose time is NOW.

And this is the place for patriotic, entrepreneurial pioneers who are ready to forge a bigger definition of success and a new means of achieving it. 

We ask, “What would American life be like if EVERYONE took an OATH to serve? 

What would happen if we all deeply understood and appreciated how America was wisely designed to work? 

You’ll learn what we mean by HEROpreneurship; integrating service and passion to make your personal and professional lives fit seamlessly together.

Here you’ll find inspiration, support, stories, and timeless wisdom to kick ass in life.

find out how HEROpreneurs will make The NEXT American Dream a reality.

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“Those who sacrifice liberty for the illusion of security deserve neither”

- Benjamin Franklin

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